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  • Quick Search Limit: 5
  • Export Limit: 100

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  • Bulk Search (Upload CSV)
  • Import/Export Limit: 5,000
  • Quick Search Limit: Unlimited
  • Job Queue: 1
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  • Bulk Search (Upload CSV)
  • Import/Export Limit: 20,000
  • Quick Search Limit: Unlimited
  • Job Queue: 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a "Quick Search" and a "Bulk Search"?

Quick Search
A quick search allows you to type in a keyword or an identifier into a simple search box where you can choose to search by identifer or by using a "title search". A title search will search Amazon's product titles for the keyword you target with this search. It is less accurate than using a product identifier, like a UPC number, but it is helpful for lower volume searches or searches where you don't have accurate identifiers at hand. You can view results just like browsing an ecommerce website, where you can see the product title, thumbnail and other information. This makes it easy to visualize results. You can export all results to a CSV file with the click of a button and choose which fields to export if you would like to leave some data out.

Bulk Search
The bulk search tool is great for searches that may yield many results or if you have a large CSV/Excel file (or any list). You can upload your CSV file or paste in your list to queue a bulk search. Depending on the number of items, what identifier you are using for your search, and how many results can be returned from your search will decide how long your job will take. Some very large jobs (40k items) could take 1-2 days depending on the factors mentioned above. Once queued you'll visually see the status with a progress bar and once the job is complete you will receive an email to check out the results. Once your job is complete you will have the option to export all of the data including all returned fields or have the option to select each field individually.