Amazon ASIN to ISBN Lookup Export Tool

Using our ASIN to ISBN convertor software, you can quickly and easily convert a list of Amazon ASIN data into a list of product ISBNs.

Find Your Product's ISBN Fast

Need a tool that quickly and easily converts a product's ASIN data into its ISBN? Look no further than our ASIN to ISBN conversion software. Simply by uploading a list of your ASIN data in either a .csv or .xls (excel) file format, our database instantly locates all of the ISBNs associated with the given ASIN data.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

Convert Product Information Quickly and Easily

By working directly with Amazon's API, we are able to ensure that our customers are getting accurate results. The Amazon API database contains all of the information related to products listed on

Uploading Your List

When you upload your document you will be given the option to export the new document to Excel. What you will see is a user-friendly page containing the product's ISBN, ASIN, title, and other general product information.

How It Works

Our conversion tools work in combination with Amazon’s API database by giving us the XML information associated with the ASIN data that you search for. We then convert the XML code from the database into an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, containing both the product's ASIN and ISBN information.

Using our converter tool, each bulk search can find thousands of ISBNs related to your list of ASINs, and be confident that the results are accurate.


Individual Conversion Tool

If you do not have a large number of ASIN items you wish to search - up to three, for example - our individual conversion tool may be right for you. Rather than uploading a document containing all of your ASIN data, you will just individually enter the ASIN information.

The results will be displayed on a web page for you to manually record. This tool is similar to the bulk uploading tool, in that it also utilizes Amazon’s API database to generate fast and accurate results.