Product Manufacturer to Amazon ASIN Lookup Export Tool

Convert a product manufacturer list to a user-friendly and accurate Amazon ASIN list with our new conversion tool.

Convert Product Information Quickly and Easily

With our new bulk conversion tool, changing your manufacturer product list to an Amazon ASIN format is easier than ever.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

How We Operate

By working closely with Amazon's expansive product database, we have developed a tool that automatically locates matching ASIN numbers when given product manufacturer information.

Converting a Large List?

In the past, matching Amazon ASIN data to manufacturer product lists was not only time-consuming but frustrating. With our new bulk conversion tool, our customers quickly and accurately translate a product manufacturer list of items into a list with matching Amazon ASIN data.

Technology Behind the Product

While it is clear why this tool is invaluable, many are curious how it works. The manufacturer to ASIN converter tool submits your product list to Amazon’s API database, which then returns the most relevant and current information related to the product. This will include the ASIN, title and other requested information.

After we retrieve the XML information from Amazon, our systems analyze and organize the data into an easy-to-read excel file. Our high limit per search makes it easy to burn through huge product lists. Never before has it been so easy to convert manufacturer products to ASIN data.

Individually Convert and View Online

If you have only a few products that you need the ASIN number for, an individual search may be right for you. For these individuals, we offer a simple-to-use manufacturer to ASIN converter tool that is available free. However, unlike when you use the bulk manufacturer to ASIN tool, you will not have the option of downloading the excel formatted document containing your results. Instead, you will be redirected to a web page with the requested information. This option offers fast, accurate results for individuals looking to test the efficiency of our software, or find information for a handful of products.