Amazon ASIN to Brand Lookup Export Tool

With our ASIN to brand conversion software, you are now able to instantly convert a list of thousands of Amazon ASINs to a list of matching product brand information.

Simply Create and Upload Your List

By using our bulk uploading software, you can now instantly search for the brands associated with ASIN data. Simply upload your list of ASIN information in the format of either a .csv or an .xls (Excel) document.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

Convert Product Information Quickly and Easily

After uploading your list, our bulk conversion tool will convert the given information into a user-friendly Excel document containing the ASIN, brands, and other general listing information about the products. By utilizing Amazon’s expansive API database, our bulk uploading tool converts the XML results into an easy-to-read and accurate spreadsheet.

The Technology Behind the Tool

Many people ask exactly how our software is capable of finding the brands associated with thousands of ASINs at a time, and the answer is simple: when a list of Amazon ASIN data is uploaded in one of our conversion tools, our system scours Amazon’s API database for the matching XML information. Once we have found the matching brands to all of the given ASIN information, we then convert this XML data into a user-friendly Excel document.


Individual Conversion

If you only need to find the brand for a few of your ASIN product numbers, then our individual uploading tool may be right for you. Our individual search tool is similar to our bulk uploading software, because they both use Amazon’s API database.

Difference Between Individual and Bulk Searches

The individual uploading tool is unique because rather than viewing your results in an Excel document, they are displayed on a webpage. This means that you have to record the brand information yourself, which then creates more room for error. However, if you are only looking to convert up to three Amazon ASINs to locate product brand information, then this search may be very useful for you.