Amazon ASIN to EAN Lookup Export Tool

Introducing our new conversion software: simply upload your list of Amazon ASIN numbers and instantly convert into a matching list of product EAN numbers.

Find Product Information Quickly and Easily

Increase your work capacity and profitability by using our new ASIN to EAN conversion tool. In the past, finding EAN codes associated with your ASIN numbers could take hours, if not days. We developed our conversion tool in order to save our customers both time and money, and have managed to do just that.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

Create a List, and Convert.

Rather than individually searching for the EAN of each one of your products, which proves to be a nightmare for business owners with more than a couple products, simply create one list with all of your ASIN numbers in either a .csv or a .xls (Excel) formatted document.

Export Your Results

With your list formatted, upload the document into our conversion tool. In just a few moments you will be given the option to export your results to Excel. Upon selecting this option, you will see an organized spreadsheet containing all of the requested information. With this new bulk conversion tool you are able to search for the EAN information associated with thousands of ASIN numbers, simultaneously, while being able to maintain confidence that you are getting accurate results.

Technology Behind the Tool

Amazon’s API database contains all of the information of products listed on their websites. Both of our conversion tools utilize Amazon’s API database in combination with our custom system to return accurate results quickly. When we receive ASIN information, our system parses through the API database to find matching results, which are returned to us in the form of XML code. In the case of our bulk uploading tool, we translate this XML information into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet.


Convert Products Individually

Although the bulk ASIN to EAN uploading tool tends to be more popular, if you do not have many products to search for, our individual uploading tool could be right for you. Typically only customers who are searching for the EAN information associated with up to three ASIN numbers use the individual conversion tool.

With the individual conversion tool, you enter one ASIN number at a time, and view your results on a webpage. Both of these tools function similarly, utilizing Amazon’s API database to ensure that our customers are getting accurate results.