Amazon ASIN to SKU Lookup Export Tool

Our Amazon ASIN to SKU conversion tool makes it easy to find the matching data for all of your ASIN data.

Convert Product Information Quickly and Easily

Quickly and easily find the SKU numbers associated with your own list of ASIN information with our bulk uploading conversion tool. Simply upload your list in either a .csv or an .xls (Excel) format file, and instantly our system tracks down the correct SKU information associated with the given ASIN data.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

User Friendly and Time Efficient

Our program utilizes Amazons API database to ensure both efficiency and accurate results. In just a couple steps you can convert thousands ASIN products to SKU numbers instantly, and export it into a user-friendly Excel file.

The Technology Behind the Tool

Our system uses information directly retrieved from Amazon's API database, which contains all of the listed product information on Amazon's website. When you use the bulk uploading tool, our program uses the XML information retrieved from Amazon's API database to locate the accurate SKU numbers associated with the given ASIN instantly.

We then convert this XML information into an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet. Your results can be saved or printed directly from your computer, so you can stay organized and on top of your listed products. Our conversion software is capable of saving our customers hours of time that would have been wasted while manually searching for the right SKU to match their product's ASIN. Plus, manual searching can result in errors.


What is Amazon's API Database?

The API database is much like a server for, collecting all of the information from listed products on the Amazon website. Because this database contains all of the product information listed on the Amazon websites, you can be certain that you will get accurate results from our search.

For a Smaller Conversion

There are some customers who are only looking to find the SKU for a couple of their products. In this sort of situation, some customers prefer to use our individual conversion tool. Rather than uploading a document containing your list of ASIN numbers, our individual conversion tool searches for one SKU at a time. In addition, conversion results cannot be downloaded, instead shown on a webpage for manual recording.