EAN to Amazon ASIN Lookup Export Tool

Through the use of our EAN to ASIN conversion software, our customers are able to convert a list of their product EAN data into a list of Amazon ASIN information.

Convert Product Information Quickly and Easily

Locating Amazon ASIN numbers has never been easier thanks to our EAN to Amazon ASIN bulk conversion tool. Stop individually searching for the matching ASIN data for each EAN code you have, and try our new EAN to ASIN bulk uploading tool.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

Retrieve Product Information in Seconds

Simply by using a .csv or .xls (Excel) formatted list of EAN codes, you are now able to quickly and easily find the ASIN data associated with your products. By uploading this document and using Amazon’s API database we are able to retrieve information related to that product, such as ASIN, title and other requested information, in seconds.

Technology Behind the Tool

Many of our customers are curious as to how our conversion tools operate so efficiently. Basically, our tool takes your list of EAN codes and submits it directly to Amazon’s API database.

Then our system sorts through the XML information retrieved from the database, returning only the most relevant information in a user-friendly format. You can easily search for ASIN data associated with the EAN barcode, saving you both time and money.

Download Your Results

Select the option to download the excel file and instantly you have access to a user-friendly document containing all of your product information.

Individual Conversion Tool

Suppose you only want to search for the ASIN number of just a couple EAN codes. When we created our bulk conversion tool, we realized that not all customers have that many products they need the ASIN data for. To satisfy these customers, we developed the individual EAN to Amazon ASIN conversion tool.

Simply enter in the EAN code and instantly receive results pertaining to the product’s ASIN number, title, and other requested information. Unlike our bulk uploading tool, you do not get an excel document when using our individual uploading software. Instead you will be redirected to a webpage on which the ASIN and EAN information will be displayed for you to manually record.