SKU to Amazon ASIN Lookup Export Tool

Our SKU to Amazon ASIN conversion tool allows our customers to convert extremely large lists of product SKU numbers into a list of compatable Amazon ASIN numbers, saving you time and money.

Convert Product Information Quickly and Easily

Finally, there is a way to efficiently search for the Amazon ASIN numbers associated with a list of your product’s SKU numbers quickly and accurately. Simply upload your .csv or .xls (Excel) file containing a list of your products' SKU numbers to our database.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

Utilizes Amazon's API Database

Our software will search Amazon's API and retrieve the ASIN data associated with your SKU list, in addition to the product's title and other requested information related to that product. Select the “Export to Excel” button, and instantly download an Excel file with your product data. With this easy-to-use SKU to ASIN lookup tool, you don’t have to individually hunt down each ASIN needed for your product list.

The Technology Behind the Tool

Wondering how it all works? Our SKU to ASIN tool takes your list of product SKUs and submits it directly to Amazon's API, which then returns the most relevant information associated with each SKU – including the product's ASIN, title, and other requested information.

The XML returned from Amazon is parsed by our system, which allows us to provide you with a user-friendly format downloadable in an excel file. Each bulk search can return ASIN data and other product information, instantly, and still be confident that the results you are getting are accurate.



Individually Convert Your SKUs

Our SKU to ASIN converter also allows you to individually search for ASINs associated with your products. Simply enter a product SKU number in our web search and retrieve its ASIN and other relevant information. Unlike our bulk export tool noted above, this search does not provide you with an exportable Excel file but rather displays the information on the web page you searched from – a quick and easy way for retrieving ASINs for one or two products.

Retrieve ASIN Information - Fast

Through the use of this tool, you will be able to upload your own list of SKU numbers and instantly convert it into a list of matching Amazon ASIN data. This tool was designed for efficiency with total customer satisfaction in mind. Compared to old methods, this search can save you hours of slaving over your keyboard searching for the right ASIN number.