ISBN to Amazon ASIN Lookup Export Tool

With the use of our new conversion tool, you can instantly convert a list of product ISBN data into a list of matching Amazon ASIN information.

Accurately Convert Product Information

Finding the ASIN data associated with an ISBN product list has never been easier, thanks to the introduction of our easy bulk product uploading tool. By utilizing Amazon’s API database, our system is able to sort through thousands of results to find the correlating ASIN data.

How it Works?
See the search tool in action!

Reliable Results, Reliable Source

Amazon's API database contains all of the listed product information on Amazon's website, so you can be sure that you are recieving accurate results, because they are obtained at the source.

Just Create a List

Simply create a .csv or .xls document containing the list of ISBN information that you need the corresponding ASIN data for, and then upload it. After you do this, select the option to “Export to Excel." This excel document will contain a list of your ISBN data along with the ASIN, title, and other basic information about the product.

Technology Behind the Tool

Our ISBN to ASIN conversion tool operates together with Amazon’s API database to retrieve the Amazon ASIN data associated with the ISBN list you upload. When our software receives the uploaded information, it searches through Amazon's API database, returning the information in the form of XML code. We then translate this code into a user-friendly Excel document containing all of your products' relavant ISBN and ASIN data.

Individually Convert Your Products

When we developed our ISBN to ASIN conversion tools, it was apparent that there was a demand for an accurate tool that quickly produced results. However, not all customers have a high volume of product they need converted. For these individuals, we created an ISBN to ASIN individual conversion tool, making it easy to convert two to three products. Simply enter the ISBN data associated with each of your products and view the Amazon ASIN information online. This would require the customer to manually record their own results in whichever manner they choose. Most customers prefer our bulk export tool because of the pre-made Excel document, to keep them organized in a professional setting.